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Fake prophecies rock city church

By Shelton Masina/ Melissa Chekwa

Pastors with House of Glory Church in Belmont, Bulawayo have reportedly sparked outrage among congregants forcing some to abandon the church amid allegations that pastors were causing divisions through secret fake prophecies and deliverance sessions.

(From left) Pastor Bhero, Prophetess Florance Majachani (looking up) and some of their congregants
(From left) Pastor Bhero, Prophetess Florance Majachani (looking up) and some of their congregants

Pastors Augustine Bhero, Mrs Bhero, and Prophetess Florance Majachani of House of Glory Church got caught up in controversy after allegedly performing fake prophecies and delivery sessions in a bid to allegedly seek fame and wrest control of the church through growing their following.

This was despite the fact that the church board members had initially indicated that they did not approve of the delivery sessions.

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Sources close to the issue said what was most weird was that the pastors were trying to seek relevance by bringing a new dimension of deliverance through impersonating God and the Holy Spirit. Prophetess Florance was alleged to often claim she was Jehovah and Mrs Bhero the Holy Spirit.

Among the litany of accusations levelled against the prophets were that for everyone they conducted deliverance sessions in a similar style, which one could easily notice was fake.

“They first tell congregants that they are masters of deliverance. They just make people believe them because in all their deliverance sessions they say that the forefathers are the ones causing people to be troubled. They are just simple people seeking relevance by doing things that are out of line to those desperate for help. In order to prevent members from leaving the church other pastors tried stopping them from delivering people but it was in vain,” said a close source.

To avoid drawing unnecessary conflicts in the church the trio now prophesy and conduct deliverance sessions at Pastor Augustine’s house in Emganwini.

Those seeking deliverance secretly book for sessions at the house. When delivering congregants, a video recording is done and it is believed that it is then used to woo more candidates for deliverance and growth of their offshoot of the church.

In a bid to unravel the truth two B-Metro reporters went for a deliverance session under the pretext of being a couple in dire need of a child.

Interestingly, the prophets were not able to perceive that the “couple” was just acting.

The pastors dismissed allegations that they claimed to be Jehovah and Holy Spirit and instantly demanded to know who had referred the “couple” for deliverance.

“There is only one God. We are just vessels of God; no one can ever be God. Please describe the person who told you about us and where they work. This person who told you we are Jehovah or Holy Spirit is mistaken. Our duty is to prophesy and deliver people from evil spirits. Our deliverance is conducted from 1st generation, 2nd generation and 3rd generation. Do you know TB Joshua? Our ministry is similar to TB Joshua’s,” said Mrs Bhero.

Prophetess Florance proceeded to explain more about their deliverance sessions.

“Deliverance means manifestation, and that is done so that we know what’s tying you guys. We are going to pray until God does wonders for us. Since you guys are married, and you want a child we are going to pray to God to grant your wish. We are mightily used by God. We are capable of destroying anything. Our mission is to destroy. We kill goblins and evil spirits. Those are small things,” she said.

After a series of prayers the “couple” were each given prophesies.

To the woman Mrs Bhero declared that she had a spiritual husband and was possessed with a witchcraft spirit. To the man it was said that he had an anti-marriage spirit which did not want to see him happily married.

They said these evil spirits had to be cast out.

The couple was told they would not be released until the spirits were cast out.

Indeed they were only released after faking manifestations, and being ‘delivered’.

One of the Church’s Apostles, Mike Majachani who is Prophetess Florance’s son and is believed to be against the deliverance sessions, said he was unaware of the deliverance sessions held in Emganwini.

“I am surprised there are deliverance sessions held in Emganwini. I don’t even know about all that,” said Apostle Mike.

After contacting Apostle Mike, efforts to get hold of the trio were fruitless as their phones rang unanswered.

The fake prophecies and deliverance sessions done by the pastors come hot on the heels of another case in which the same pastors once held a fruitless prayer session to resurrect a dead woman at West Park Cemetery in 2015.

They reportedly told mourners not to be quick to accept the death of the deceased Anna Nyandoro but to have faith that she would resurrect after they prayed for her.

Pastor Augustine and other pastors are said to have taken turns in hitting the coffin, and commanding Nyandoro to wake up but their efforts were in vain.

The service is said to have ended when the pastors told people that God had heard their request but they should accept his decision of taking Nyandoro. B-Metro