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Winky D fans demand Xmas song

By Wayne Chiridza

As the year comes to an end, fans of Zimdancehall musician, Winky D, are now getting impatient as they are tired of what they have termed “austerity measures” on them by their artiste who is seemingly not giving them a song/songs to dance to this festive season.

Winky D and Tocky Vibes
Winky D and Tocky Vibes

Usually, during this time of the year, most top artistes including Winky D drop albums or singles which people then dance to during the festive season. But this time around, considering that November is about to come to an end, it seems nothing is coming and fans are clamouring for their artiste to hear them out.

This whole year, Winky D has only released one song, MuGarden and this clearly is insufficient for the fans who have taken to social media and various radio stations, pleading with Winky D to drop, even a voice note for them.

Winky D, through his manager, Jonathan Banda, did not commit to releasing anything in time for Christmas.

“I have obstacles that are in my way. It’s a tough time that I’m going through, but I’m planning to do an engagement with my fans,” Winky D said.

So bad is the situation that fans have been trying to reach out to Winky D through his daughter.

“I’ve been feeling the pressure as some have even been asking my daughter at school when I’m going to release something.

‘‘I’m focusing on something, but I’ll say this again, there are obstacles,” said Winky D through Banda.

Besides his daughter, fans are trying to convince Winky D’s music producer Oskid to at least leak one song which the artiste is working on, if there are any.

“Oskid, we’ll be grateful and will forgive you if you just leak one song from the Gaffa. We’ve been patient for long.

‘‘Winky D, are you putting austerity on your fans?” quizzed a fan identified as Phinius Mpofu.

“Winky D, can you just cough or even snore so that we have something we can dance to this Christmas,” suggested another fan.

However, some avid fans of the artiste said they were hopeful that their musician will drop something as they are confident that he will not let him down.

Winky D, prior to the MuGarden song, released an album titled Gombwe last year which had hits Ngirozi and Finhu Finhu. Fans seem to have overplayed the songs and are now thirsty for something new. The Chronicle