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Selmor is miles ahead – Bazuka

By Trust Khosa

Australia based Afro fusion musician Mabasa “Bazuka” Ziyambi has praised Selmor Mtukudzi for her professionalism.

Selmor and Bazuka in Astralia
Selmor and Bazuka in Astralia

The Kadoma bred singer who has since settled abroad in Australia, said this on the sidelines of their tour currently underway.

He also praised Selmor’s husband for complementing his wife in her quest to conquer the globe.

“I have known selmor and Tendai for quite a long time now and I believe their combination is formidable.

“Tendai’s guitar work gently fuses with Selmor’s vocals as well as dance moves. I believe Selmor is among the best female artistes and her open minded approach in discussing business issues with take her places.

“She is kind genuine and flexible with time allocations as she easily associates well with her fans,” he said.

Asked whether was ready for a collaboration with Selmor if time permits, he said:

“ Absolutely, she is a clear evidence of a product of a legendary icon and carries father’s legacy with passion, very talented and based on her performance in Sydney people were shell shocked as it looked like Dr Oliver Mutukudzi was in the building.

“Since I got some musical tips from the father, l can see Selmor as nothing but a true replica to the father.”

He also praised Selmor’s handlers who have made him understand Selmor better.

“The relationship between me and Selmor was made smooth sailing with understanding that she is being managed by Josh Hozheri, a businessman and a close friend to me, naturally he made it easier for me to have a chance to chat with Selmor and the band.

“He promised that he will maintain the relationship that was there between us and Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.”

He also opened up of the challenges they face as musician plying their trade abroad.

“Life as a musician in diaspora has its own challenges especially that we juggle between work, school and music.

“Language barriers also affect the fan base. We have to explain at times the meaning of the song to the audience but once accepted, you will become a regular,” said.

Bazuka said it was also hard to market their music abroad but vowed to continue doing well.

“I use Youtube and social media to market music as well as community platforms such as Zim communities in Australia as well as a team Led by Simba Antonio who doubles as the band stage Manager and and communications and liason officer. Also some Zimbabwean friends make some noise on our behalf.

“It’s a bit challenging to understand how I manage but because I love music things simply happen. It helps in relieving stress and at times I sing for my mental health patients as musical therapy.

“I priorities what needs my urgent attention,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bazuka has released two videos with a total costs of US$3000. H-Metro