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Feisty vlogger Zuva Habane cuts Prophet Passion Java ‘down to size’

US based Zimbabwean preacher Prophet Passion Java might wish he had not dissed rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme after his army of fans reacted angrily with feisty vlogger Zuva Habane unleashing a Facebook LIVE video that sought to cut the “Man of God” down to size.

Zuva Habane and Prophet Passion Java
Zuva Habane and Prophet Passion Java

Java appeared to diss Stunner and rival rapper Mudiwa Hood as “washed up” artists. A furious Habane was taking no prisoners accusing Java of “trying to ride people’s waves” by hogging the limelight of anyone trending in Zimbabwe and attacking those who did not bootlick him.

She said when Java saw that Chillpot Records and its galaxy of music stars were household names he decided to ride on their fame by buying their loyalty with the result that some of the artists began to sing about Passion Java in their songs. The preacher even has riddims named after him.

Habane said when Java also saw the phenomenal growth of the Zimcelebs Instagram page he decided to use his money to hijack the platform to promote himself. She said the preacher was a serial limelight hogger who tries to hop on the juice of anyone who was buzzing media wise.

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[Translated from Shona] Habane said; “Mr Passion you need to pick a struggle. You can’t fight everything. You want to be in heaven, on earth, in aeroplanes, in people’s toilets. We know you as a Prophet, what do you want in the music industry. Know your boundaries. 

“Lately I have not seen anything to do with church. You are just busy following musicians around. Instead of doing the Lord’s work you are busy following Enzo Ishall around.

Habane said they had initially tolerated Passion Java’s “twabam” antics because they thought he was just a fun loving character but little did they realise he was a limelight hogging individual who now thinks he is bigger than the people he is trying to spend time with.

“Leave Stunner alone. Don’t think you can take a jab at him. The moment you see that someone is not kissing your ass you start to attack them. If you think because Chillspot are sucking up to you then everyone will do that then you are mistaken. People like (Stunner and Mudiwa) have real talent and they do not worship money. You (Java) are actually the one looking for fame.”

Watch the full video below