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Shocking audio of Jocelyn Chiwenga bullying businessman and refusing to pay invoice

By Layton Mazhandu

A shocking audio recording has emerged of controversial motor-mouth Jocelyn Chiwenga, the ex-wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, bullying a Harare businessman named Mapfumo and refusing to pay an invoice for lithium batteries installed for her solar panel system.

In the clip sent to Nehanda Radio, Chiwenga warns the businessman “we are more connected than you” and brags that she can have him arrested or have his company shut down or burnt to the ground if he did not revise his invoice for the batteries.

The businessman holds his ground and challenges Mrs Chiwenga to go and find cheaper batteries elsewhere. The call alternates between Mrs Chiwenga negotiating and screaming at the businessman and making her bizarre threats. She insinuates she knows he obtained the forex to buy the batteries, illegally, and uses that to blackmail him into changing his invoice.

Last year in April it was reported Jocelyn and her company Rugnet Ventures, had fallen on hard times and risked losing her residential property in Harare’s leafy Glen Lorne suburb.

This was after she failed to repay her $2,6 million CBZ Bank loan. Only six years before that she had concluded her messy divorce with General Chiwenga and shared their vast wealth equally.

The High Court barred the media from reporting details of the high profile divorce case. The scary details of their two affidavits were leaked to the media somehow and the contents were enough to use for a blockbuster Nollywood movie.

General Chiwenga's ex-wife Jocelyn (left) and his new wife Mary (right)
General Chiwenga’s ex-wife Jocelyn (left) and his new wife Mary (right)

Chiwenga claimed he was driven away from their matrimonial home because she subjected him to ‘violent beatings’. The army general admitted to constantly being beaten and says she once violently attacked him while he was sedated and she also pushed him off the bed.

In another hair raising incident, Jocelyn allegedly arrived at the army headquarters and demanded US$300 000 from Chiwenga. When the army boss could not fork out the amount she went into a fit of rage and trashed his office destroying picture frames, vases and ornaments in front of his junior officers.

Chiwenga in his court affidavit says he left the office and sought refuge at their family home in Borrowdale Brooke. The army chief says because he was “feeling sick” he called his physician, Dr Paul Chimedza, who attended to him and administered some sleeping medication.

While Dr Chimedza watched over his drowsy patient, Jocelyn allegedly burst into the room shouting at the top of her voice. “She jumped into General Chiwenga’s bed and beat him up on his face with clenched fists. As he was sedated, he could not defend himself,” his lawyers claimed.

“Dr Chimedza pulled Jocelyn away from General Chiwenga and pleaded with her that General Chiwenga was genuinely ill and she should not continue assaulting him.

“When Dr Chimedza thought he had calmed Jocelyn down, she then pushed General Chiwenga off the bed. He fell to the floor and hit his head against the step of the platform on which the bed rests.

“As a result of the fall he injured the right side of his head. General Chiwenga was bruised and swollen from assaults. Owing to sedation, he was helpless,” the affidavit claimed.

Chiwenga’s problems did not end there. When he eventually sat on the bed, Jocelyn charged at him again threatening to kill him with a spear and axe.

Jocelyn Chiwenga (left), the enstranged wife to commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Constantine Chiwenga leaves the High Court with her legal team after a pre-trial conference of her divorce case. (Picture by Annie Mpalume, Daily News).

Jocelyn demanded $40 million from Chiwenga’s new wife as damages for allegedly offending her feelings and cohabitating with her partner. The army chief married Mary Mubaiwa, a former supermodel and ex-wife of former Zimbabwe soccer international player, Shingirai Kawondera.

In November 2011, Jocelyn Chiwenga, claimed her marriage involved periods of physical and emotional abuse by her husband. She claimed that her husband used to beat her up and then send her to Malaysia for treatment.

Jocelyn said Chiwenga also threatened to shoot her if she ever reported the assaults to the police. “If anything happens to me after the publication of this story, the nation should know it came from Chiwenga,” Jocelyn said at the time.

According to court documents, on the 23rd of May 2002, Jocelyn arrived at Shepherd Hall Farm outside Harare with a gang armed with AK47 rifles and ordered the farm’s white owner, Roger Staunton, to turn over his property to her or be killed. “I have not tasted white blood for 20 years,” she yelled at him.

When Staunton offered a handshake “she told me she had no intention of shaking hands with a white pig,” the farmer said.

“She stated that she had not tasted white blood since 1980 (independence) and missed the experience, and that she needed just the slightest excuse to kill somebody,” said Staunton.

“She ordered one of her guards to ‘kill the white bastards’,” he said. The gunman cocked his weapon, but did not open fire, one report says.

In 2003 Jocelyn Chiwenga beat up Daily News lawyer Gugulethu Moyo, at a police station in Glen View. The lawyer had gone there to represent the paper’s photographer who had been arrested while covering a planned mass action. Jocelyn slapped Moyo in the face and twisted her arm.

The assault continued outside the police station, carried out by both Jocelyn and one Kelvin Chadenyika. Moyo was punched, kicked and hit many times. Police officers present witnessed the attack but did not intervene. “Your paper wants to encourage anarchy in this country,” Jocelyn yelled at the lawyer.

In 2008 Jocelyn harangued and harassed the late opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and journalists who had accompanied the MDC-T leader on a tour of supermarkets in Harare after Mugabe’s scorched earth policy of price freezes left shop shelves empty.

She caused a scene at Makro Wholesalers in Harare, where she threatened to ‘take away’ Tsvangirai’s ‘manhood.’ In a fit of rage, she also slapped freelance photographer Tsvangirai Mukwazhi, while two other journalists, including Kumbirai Mafunda, sustained minor injuries in the ensuing fracas. Nehanda Radio