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Young Zimbabwean launches digital money transfer

International financial technology company, Senditoo, has entered the digital money transfer space targeting mainly Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom who want to easily send their money to Zimbabwe.

Takwana Tyaranini
Takwana Tyaranini

In a statement, the company said it has signed a guarantee partnership with one of the established financial institutions, BancABC Zimbabwe, securing US dollar cash pick-ups in all Banc ABC branches across Zimbabwe.

Founded by UK-based Zimbabwean, Takwana Tyaranini, and his Guinean business partner, Ibrahima Soumano, in 2016, Senditoo was an innovative service that solely focused on allowing migrants to send instant mobile phone credit to their loved ones in over 140 countries across the world.

“We created an innovative way of sending mobile phone credit almost three years ago and it only seemed fitting to make another ground-breaking move that will make it easier for friends and family to remit money internationally at a very low cost,” Tyaranini said.

“In the last few years, Senditoo has built a sustainable brand based on transparency, and great user experience. As a result, every other week, we received emails from our current clients insisting that we add money transfer.

“Our customers are at the centre of everything that we do and everything that we aim to achieve, or have achieved so far. As we continue to grow and revolutionise the way our customers transact, we want them to be part of our next journey,” he added.

The company said its dream was to become a leading transmittal enterprise, offering customers both the option to send airtime and money synchronously.

Senditoo is seeking leverage on the basis of Africa being one of the world’s most mobile populations with the continent accounting for a large part of the expanding global remittance market.

As such Tyaranini said that given Africa’s infrastructure, the continent has a significant advantage that can drive remittances across the globe and promote financial inclusion, particularly through mobile money.

“Digital transformation is helping the flow of money and connecting more people around the world and that is where Senditoo comes in,” he said.

Senditoo is an international remittance service for diaspora communities to support family and friends in their home country. It offers one of the largest coverage outlets, with over 400 mobile operators worldwide. The Chronicle