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Vimbai ‘imposter’ salutes idol

…’Vimbai gave me courage’

By Esther Madambi

SELF-CONFESSED Vimbai Zimuto imposter Princess Dube has vowed to surpass her idol when it comes to nude art.

The 26-year-old Bulawayo bred model said she got the strength to be where she is right now from the Netherlands based diva.

“I have always been a model but to be honest I was just there because I wanted to be there but I was never confident with my body.

“When I first saw her pictures, I knew that was the courage that I needed.

“People were criticising her a lot but she was and always bold and firm and she sticks to her mission.

“I knew there was something within and I realised that it’s not just the great body but the artistic vibe in her.

“I wish to meet her one day and get more from her,” said Princess.

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In a separate interview, Vimbai said she was humbled by Princess.

“It feels good to inspire others, I just hope and pray that they are interpreting it right that’s all.

“It’s tough to have young girls being inspired to do nude art while they misinterpret the narrative.

“I think every public figure has that fear, I think I might need to have a seminar or something so that they had more insight on what I do and what it means.

“It’s still new to us as Zimbabweans for one of us being on a billboard or advertising showing lots of skin while telling a story or marketing a product, tajaira zvichiitwa pa Santa Barbara or falcon crest,” she said. H-Metro