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Ba Shupi hunts for new wife

By Praise Masvosva

Entertainer Ba Shupi – real name Peace Ndlovu – says he is hunting for a wife again after he separated with his spouse and former manager, Wadzanai Gumbo.

BaShupi and Wadzanai Gumbo in happier times
BaShupi and Wadzanai Gumbo in happier times

The singer got married to his manager Wadzanai in December 2014 and separated three years ago.

They tied the knot and they are married under Chapter 511 Marriage Act.

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“I am still searching for a wife.

“We separated three years ago and from there I have been hunting for a good woman.

“The papers for divorce are still being processed.

“I won’t tell you the reasons why we broke up but we are no longer together,” he said.

Asked why he is starving fans of new stuff, he said said:

“I am not silent, I have been working on an album which talks about my life before marriage, during marriage and life after marriage.

Love birds . .. Ba Shupi and wife Wadzi
Love birds . .. Ba Shupi and wife Wadzi

“It’s titled My Life, trust me this album will touch many people, it gives poor people voices.

“When you don’t have money people look down upon you and they even take you for granted.

“When you don’t have money you lose people you love.

“Girls are precious jewels they must be treated with respect.”

Ba Shupi’s album is expected to hit the market this month and it carries 10 tracks.

Songs in his forthcoming album include Blesser, Prayer, Shanda, Bata, Panonaka, Misodzi, Mashoko, Kurauzvione, Tenda, Mari and Shake Muzimba.

He last dropped an album in 2017.

Ba Shupi also urged people to love their women and to shun away from violence.

“I in my life handisati ndamborova musikana or kutorwa naye. They need to be loved, promise milk and honey to my next wife.

“Life is the best teacher, ndakadzidza zvakawanda,” he said. H Metro