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Diva Caychi speaks out

…It’s not rosy for Zim divas …My band deserted me

Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s mentee Caychi is steadily building her profile.

The affable and talented diva, who has featured in many high profile events, still remains as humble as ever.

Caychi, who started her career at a very young age, says she is proud with how far she has gone with her career.


The youthful musician also opened up on how she was depressed when her band left her.

Our reporter Esther Madambi (EM) spoke to Caychi (CC)) who opened up on her career and how she has managed to conquer, read on…

EM: What is your full name?

CC: Caroline Chirowodza. I’m 24 years old.

EM: A brief background of yourself?

CC: I was raised by a single mother. My father passed away when I was six, I hardly know him.

I am the second born in a family of two girls and one boy.

EM: Where do you stay?

CC: Well, I’m in between Ruwa and South Africa.

EM: Which schools did you attend?

CC: I attended a lot of schools, some of them I can’t even remember but there is Zengeza 7 Primary and Sunrise College and Zengeza 2 High School which was in Chitungwiza.

I don’t know if it is still exits.

EM: How did you start your career?

CC: I started as a model when I was in grade six.

I won Miss Funky, Miss Culture, Miss Schools, Miss Hatfield and many others.

I was too young then. My mother said I should wait get older.

Then I was also into acting and at some point I actually won the best actress certificate.


EM: When did you start your music career?

CC: It’s just a natural gift. I did not go to any school of music, I learned on my own.

Well my brother was in the industry but I was not so in to it until 2016, in South Africa.

EM: How has your music career been so far?


CC: I just kneel down and thank God. I can’t believe it, where I am right now.

I have achieved a lot. There have been a lot of ups and downs but it was worth it and with where I am right now, there is no going back. I have no plans to stop and I am not going to.

EN: How many albums and singles do you have so far?

CC: Well I have one album, two singles and a counter book full of songs (lol) I write my own lyrics and I have a lot of them.

EM: What do you do apart from music?

CC: I was working and I gave up my job in South Africa to focus more on something that I am passionate about.

But the worst part was when my first band left me three days before performance. I was hurt and stressed out.

We were so together and we were close, they knew everything about me but at that point I felt like betrayed.

I wanted to give up, I was just an upcoming artist but still I moved on and here I am.

EM: How is life as a female artiste?

CC: It’s so demanding.

It teaches you to toughen, it forces us to be manly and to be honest its very, very hard.


EM: How do you balance your career and personal life?

CC: There are so many secrets that your guys don’t know, I try to be an artist when Im on stage and when Im not on stage I am Caroline.

But above all I don’t pretend.

Being an artist is work, it’s a job. It needs commitment.

EM: What do you say about the abuse of female artist?

CC: Its really sad but us as women let’s respect ourselves.

We are not united at all. Let us just try to be there for each other, support each other and show love to each other.

Let us not cut corners, if you are good you are and if you are not you are not. Accept who you are simple.

EM: What can you say to the promoters?

CC: Male or female, we are just the same.

We can do what men can do, yes we are that strong.

EM: Who are your role models?

CC: Yemi Alade.

That is where I get my energy wow. In Zimbabwe its Jah Prayzah all the why.

What else do you do apart from music?

EM: What keeps you busy?

CC: I love writing and I’m always travelling .

EM: Do you have plans of getting married soon?

CC: No but I believe in love and I miss being loved, I miss love.

If I find the one I will get married. Why letting the good man go.

EM: Who does your wardrobe?

CC: Princess Fashion. They allow you to give them your own design and work with that.

EM: Any words to your fans.

CC: Thank you for your love and support. Without you, I am nothing.

EM: Any special shout outs

CC: Shout out to my mother who is in SA with Catylene, my sister Cindy, my cousin sisters, my brother Cloud, Simba Chatikobo, my producers I have worked with and all my fans out there. H-Metro