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Masvingo family caught with 10kg mbanje

By Walter Mswazie

Police in Masvingo have arrested a 37- year old man along with his wife and sister who were caught redhanded transporting 10 kg of mbanje in a VW Golf vehicle on Wednesday morning. According to the police, the contraband has a street value of about $2 570.

File picture of a police roadblock in Zimbabwe
File picture of a police roadblock in Zimbabwe

Masvingo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula identified the suspects as Michael Mzembi, his wife Shyleen Kutadza (34) and Albertina Mzembi all of Mucheke suburb.

She said the trio is facing charges of violating sections of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

“I can confirm the arrest of a man along with his sister and wife in connection with unlawful possession of mbanje weighing 10,535 kg with a street value of $2 570.

“The trio will appear in court soon facing charges of dealing in dangerous drugs,” said Chief Insp Mazula.

She said while on patrol along Zimuto Street in Mucheke Suburb police detectives became suspicious when Mzembi who was driving a VW Golf immediately made a U-turn.

Chief Insp Mazula said the detectives followed the vehicle and caught up with Mzembi at his house.

She said Mzembi initially tried to resist opening doors to his house.

“Upon opening the door, Mzembi who was in the company of his wife, was asked why he made a U-turn.

“The police searched the house and his car from where they recovered the mbanje. They also proceeded to his sister’s house where they recovered more mbanje leading to the trio’s arrest,” she said.

Chief Insp Mazula said Mzembi was found in possession of 4,702 kg while his sister had 5,33kg. The Chronicle