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Vimbai misses Olinda High Tea

…visa issues cited

By Esther Madambi

NETHERLANDS-based Vimbai Zimuto has apologised to Olinda Chapel and her UK fans for not attending the much-hyped High Tea event due to Visa delays.

Vimbai Zimuto
Vimbai Zimuto

In an interview, Vimbai said her visa delayed and that’s why she could not attend.

“Most of my fans had to sell their tickets because they were very disappointed that I was no longer attending the Annual High as promised.

“Some just did not attending because I was no longer attending.

“The situation was beyond my control, I was disappointed and unhappy about this situation too,” said Vimbai.

She added:

“I cannot fast track a visa, so had to wait for it.

“I will definitely do a show in the UK for all my fans very soon, I owe them a lot.

“Olinda understood the situation, we were always communicating and she managed to pull through.” H-Metro