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Jail not a place to be: Chipfumo

By Praise Masvosva

Talented musician Progress Chipfumo said jail is not a safe place to be and has urged people not to commit crimes to avoid incarceration.

Progress Chipfumo
Progress Chipfumo

Chipfumo who was once convicted for assault told this publication that prison is not a good place to be.

The Garwe singer who was once jailed for seven months was among the musicians, ex footballers and actors who toured Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison as well as Chikurubi Female Prison last week.

“A prison strips all the confidence, freedom and dignity.

“It’s not a good place to be.

“I was once convicted for assaulting someone and I was slapped with a seven month jail term.

“The experience was not good and not interesting at all my friend.

“Let’s talk about food, clothes and even freedom,” he said.

He added:

“I came here to give them hope and to entertain them.

“They need our love and we must show them despite the fact that they have wronged the society.

“These guys are serving their jail terms and we expect them to reform when they come out of prison.”

Chipfumo also said people should get in a dialogue whenever there is misunderstanding.

“Violence does not pay and when there is a problem I urge people to have a dialogue.

“Due to anger I ended up in prison.

“I urge people to shun away from criminal activities.” H-Metro