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Dambaza burial: Chilling details emerge

. . . grandfather, sister also committed suicide

By Desmond Munemo

Family of the late Upper-Room Ministries’ preacher, Bishop Berry Dambaza, yesterday revealed how the Bishop’s suicide is one of many in the family.

Bishop Berry Dambaza’s suicide is one of many in the family.
Bishop Berry Dambaza’s suicide is one of many in the family.

Family spokesperson Tonderayi Ian Chimhuwa, brother to the late bishop,in a eulogy to the late revealed how the bishop’s grandfather was also found hanging in a gum tree.

“For your family, please plead his protection from controversial deaths, the death that saw our great grandfather drown in a river.

“Your grandfather Dambaza was also found hanging himself from a slippery and tall gum tree just after independence.

“Your sister also perished in that fatal accident in Harare, 200 meters before her destination.

“Our brother Victor was found hanging in Chitungwiza.

“Your fall from that urban edifice has increased insecurity, rest in peace my brother, father and icon,” Chimhuwa said in the eulogy.

Chimuwa also took time to scold the church and social media during the funeral service held at Jubilee Christian Centre in Harare.

“I wish to clarify the issue that has been doing rounds shamelessly on the social and i am glad the distortion about maiguru has been cleared, she is our maiguru.

“I also wish to appeal to the church and the media and the citizens of Zimbabwe not to be carried away by rumours.

“The church should identify and discipline some of its members who were quoted in the social media as having been there when the incident happened,” he said.

The spokesperson then took time to explain, and refute the rumours and stories that circulated around the media.

“Maiguru was nursing our mother who passed on the day after our brother died at No. 20 Golden Stairs, not at the office where some of you have been informed.

“This should not bring acrimony between the church and the family because God has done his will,” said the spokesperson.

Chimhuwa, reading the speech on behalf of the family, said he had prepared a eulogy in memory of the deceased.

“As you accompany mum, don’t forget to tell the Almighty that matters of the spirit are now decided by the courts of the mortals, why should the church go to the courts?

“Please, inform him that in this era, even orphans and widows have become prey to social media and shameless brethrens who peddle falsehoods,” he said. H-Metro