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ZRU apologises for false accusation

By Ronald Mashinga

The Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) has apologised to Sean Robinson and Brett Halloway from the Hartsfield Trust for accusing them of unlawfully removing national memorabilia from Hartsfield Rugby Ground’s President Room.

Hartsfield Rugby Ground
Hartsfield Rugby Ground

The two had been accused of removing the memorabilia without the knowledge and permission of the Matabeleland Rugby Football Board and ZRU in 2015.

Robinson and Halloway were among a group of former players and administrators who moved the memorabilia from Hartsfield Ground to the Bulawayo Club for safe keeping by the Hartsfield Trust. The Trust was formed in 2001.

“ZRU findings have now confirmed that the allegations made against the Trust and in particular personal allegations against Robinson and Halloway, were unfounded and false, and as such ZRU wishes to extend our hand of apology to both Robinson and Holloway.

“ZRU wishes to applaud the efforts of the Trust in ensuring the safety and preservation of the memorabilia and efforts in growing this asset within the confines of the constitution,” said ZRU in a statement.

ZRU also confirmed that the series of events leading up to the removal and relocation of the memorabilia was properly authorised and within the constitution to protect and safeguard the history of rugby.

The memorabilia from the colonial era and independent Zimbabwe has been moved to Bulawayo Club. The Chronicle