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Samaita honours Leonard Dembo

Mutare-based sungura artiste Brian Samaita said he is happy with the response to his latest album titled “Ndafunga Dembo”.

Brian Samaita
Brian Samaita

The musician said he drew inspiration from Dembo and was glad people have supported him in remembering his hero.

“It is encouraging that after working to honour a legend, people support you. I worked hard to come up with such a project and it is encouraging that my fans are now recognising my efforts. My publicity team Kartel Promotions is working extra hard to make sure that copies of the new album reach every corner of the country,” he said.

“Dembo inspired not only other musicians including me but many people were also motivated by his music which is still regarded as the best so far,” he said.

“Although songs have been penned before and a lot has been done in honour of the late music legend in different ways, it is sad that what has been done remained very little considering the calibre of an artiste he was.

“I then decided to weigh in with this album. It came through my mind that I must do something for the late brother who greatly inspired me and my music.”

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The album opens with track “Handityi Kufa” which spells out the value and importance of one to his or her family during their lifetime and upon death.

In the song, which has rich guitar lines that seem to have been borrowed from the late Dembo’s music, Samaita prays to God that he affords him time to prepare for his family’s future before he dies.

The second track “Herudhe” is a biblical narration of how King Herod planned to kill Jesus.

On the same track, Samaita talks of pretenders who disguise as good when they are leopards in goat’s skin.

Samaita also speaks on how God has blessed people with different talents on the track “Hombarume” saying people should learn to appreciate the small blessings that they receive.

“Kuromba” is a track that quickly reminds one of Dembo and the late Tongai Moyo in his initial days in music as it is traceable to their early hits. It tackles witchcraft and how it accounts for the misery that comes along with it, affecting families in the process. He urged people to desist from such practices.

The Murondatsimba Express leader summed up his album with a Jiti song titled “Samaita”.

Veteran producer Bothwell Nyamhondera was behind Samaita’s sixth project, which was recorded at Diamond Studios. The Herald