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‘Opposition duped once again as Mnangagwa presides over Mugabe funeral’

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

I have been going through social media and some tweets from prominent opposition leaders and other forces over the complex legacy of Robert Mugabe the former President of Zimbabwe. Let me make it clear on my analysis and this must knock sense in someone’s head.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

Get these facts correctly :

1. Mugabe will remain Zanu PF. Forget about the issue of expulsion and other issues which followed after the military coup. He was Zanu PF, he will remain Zanu PF, and he will be buried by Zanu PF. Forget about anything like opposition will preside over the funeral. Forget about that one.

2. Mugabe and ED’s history is backdated to the late 60s and they were friends, brothers and fellow workers and belonged to one party, that is Zanu PF.

So those who are fooled thinking ED and Mugabe had differences, forget and smile this is how YOU LOSE ELECTIONS, thinking Zanu PF is divided.

4. ED and Zanu PF will be in charge of Mugabe funeral and they will not allow any opposition to preside over anything. Just forget about that.

5. Mugabe was expelled by Zanu PF led by ED , but as we speak, the same Zanu PF is praising Mugabe and they are playing jingles describing how Mugabe was a revolutionary icon. This is how Zanu PF operates.

6. Zanu PF unites on battles. When they are facing battles, they unite forces and they are one. Opposition is fooled thinking that this could be an opportunity to turn their political dividends.

7. Politics is optic. Lacoste, G40 have the same narrative, ideology and they come from the same seed. The fact that they sing from the same hymnal will not change anything.

8. Tweets from opposition leaders leaves them much exposed and vulnerable to their supporters. This needs a lot to be desired unless there were hidden deals which involved a lot of chunks and dirty money and deals. I guess people must stick to principles.

10. Celebrating an icon must have reservations. One must understand that you have a brand to protect. Conflicting statements regarding such will be viewed by many as betrayal of your own considering that thousands of people were butchered and killed.

11. ED would also want Endorsement and credibility. This funeral will help him to rebrand himself and the party. Don’t forget that Heads of States, diplomats, regional leaders, civic leaders, international partners and this is an opportunity for ED to redeem himself and cleanse himself from the tag of legitimacy and credibility.

12. Mugabe funeral a sign of relief for Zanu PF and ED himself. The funeral will help them to reconfigure and re-strategize way forward.

13. Complex legacy.

14. Politics needs principles. Sticking to ideological concept. Opposition tweets shows that there is lack of coordination and ideology. Such tweets should be done after proper consultations with party ranks and structures. The party must make statements after submissions from grassroots.

14. Never expect anything new, Zanu PF is Zanu PF, G40 & Lacoste they subscribe to Zanu PF and one ideology.

15. Did you hear anyone talking about Mugabe expulsion from Zanu PF?? Never . Why ??? They are one.

16. Focus on Glen View lest the seat will go whilst the Mugabe news is covering the whole political space.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo – Doctor of Phil Cand. You can reach him on tinamuzala@gmail.com