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More misery for ‘sex pest’ nurse

By Gibson Mhaka

When relationships break down, people can display the worst side of themselves as sometimes separating partners will even go as far as making false allegations of violence or abuse against each other.

Judy Ntombentsha Takanai (left) and Vushe Marime (right)
Judy Ntombentsha Takanai (left) and Vushe Marime (right)

They do this usually to undermine each other’s position, or simply because they are angry and hurt.

That was at play when a married Bulawayo woman sued her embittered ex-lover for making malicious accusations against her, supposedly, in a calculated act of revenge for terminating their adulterous relationship after her husband discovered it.

Judy Ntombentsha Takanai, who apparently learnt the hard way that break-ups are always difficult, claimed her ex-lover; Vushe Marime, a nurse at Mpilo Hospital, was trying to punish her by making a string of false allegations against her including that she was always stalking him at his workplace.

“I am applying for a peace order against Vushe Marime. We were in an illicit affair and terminated it after my husband discovered it. This was also after he had suggested that we should kill him (husband) claiming he was a stumbling block to our relationship.

“He is making false allegations against me that I disturb his peace by going to his workplace and residence. The allegations are causing emotional distress to me.

“As a result of those false allegations I am no longer visiting my sick relatives, friends and neighbours admitted to Mpilo Hospital or seeking treatment as he claims I will be spying or stalking him. I want the court to grant me a peace order so that he stops making those false reports or allegations against me,” begged Judy.

In March this year, Marime was also slapped with a $10 000 adultery lawsuit by Judy’s husband for allegedly engaging in an extra marital affair with his wife and pressuring her to kill him so as to sustain the adulterous relationship.

The matter is still pending at the Bulawayo Civil Court.

Judy pulled a shocker when she commended her husband as an understanding man saying he forgave her after he discovered that she had been cheating on him with Marime.

In response Marime who was being represented by his lawyer did not refute Judy’s accusations before he requested a reciprocal order saying Judy was also harassing him.

“The respondent is not opposed to the application. He has also filed the same remedy under this court. We pray that the order be reciprocal so that the applicant does not also verbally abuse the respondent and visit him at his workplace.”

In her ruling presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties not to verbally abuse or threaten each other in any way.

The parties were also ordered not to visit each other’s workplace and residence. B-Metro