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Double drama . . . Wedding thwarted as both bride, groom married elsewhere

By Sukoluhle Ndlovu

A married woman together with her married lover who decided to secretly wed without the knowledge of their spouses were left with egg on their faces after the wedding was stopped just before they exchanged vows.

The bride Priscilla Mashonganyika and groom Mudimu on their “wedding day”
The bride Priscilla Mashonganyika and groom Mudimu on their “wedding day”

Priscilla Mashonganyika (43) who has been customarily married to Christopher Kachipare (53) for the past 15 years, and her lover Enerst Mudimu (75), of Riverside suburb became the joke of the day last week on Friday at Gweru Civil Court when Mudimu’s wife of 35 years stopped the wedding citing that she was the official wife.

Ironically, Mudimu and his wife, whose name could not be established, go to the same Methodist church with Mashonganyika and Kachipare.

As if that is not enough, Mai Mfundisi Sithole, whose husband is the pastor of the city centre branch where the two couples fellowship, was also part of the invited guests at the wedding.

A witness who saw the whole drama unfold said Mudimu’s wife heard from the grapevine about her husband’s secret wedding while Kachipare only got to know about the wedding after it was stopped.

“Mudimu and Mashonganyika planned their wedding while still staying with their spouses meaning their affair has been going on for a long time. Very few relatives were told about the wedding as they didn’t want the news to reach their spouses. But what boggles the mind is that their pastor’s wife graced the shameful occasion knowing very well that the two love birds were customarily married to other people,” said the source.

It also emerged that Mashonganyika was also dating John Mpala (73), a widower, and the two were in the process of getting married customarily.

“This woman was also dating Mpala, a widower and Mpala was finalising preparations to marry her not knowing that she was planning a wedding with another man. Mpala used to pick her up everyday at her work place in South view suburb,” added the source.

Contacted for comment Mpala denied the allegations saying he last saw her a long time ago. He, however, changed goalposts alleging that Mashonganyika was his niece.

“That’s a very old story and l last saw her long back ad l didn’t have any relationship with her people were just speculating. Actually she is my sister’s child which makes her my niece,” said Mpala.

Kachipare declined comment on the matter saying he was still hurt by the whole incident.

“Am still hurting because of that issue so l don’t want to talk about it now, but all l can say is that men should beware of cunning women out there who pretend to love them yet they are only after their money and property,” he said.

Pastor Sithole who commented on his wife’s behalf could not shed more light on the matter saying there was a hierarchy that must be followed in the Methodist Church.

“Unfortunately she cannot comment on that matter because in our church there’s protocol that must be followed,” said Pastor Sithole.

Mudimu and Mashonganyika could not be drawn to comment as their mobile phones were unreachable. B-Metro