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Job Wiwa Sikhala: Empty head Matemadanda must shut up

By Job Wiwa Sikhala

It is so pathetic that an empty head and idiot like Victor Matemadanda would open his mouth spewing nonsense about clients, lawyers in the MDC represent.

Lawyer Job Sikhala seen here with former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi at the Harare Magistrates Court
Lawyer Job Sikhala seen here with former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi at the Harare Magistrates Court in this FILE picture

This idiot has no idea about how the profession of law is governed through the Legal Practitioners Act administered by our regulating authority, the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

There is a huge disparity between being a taxi driver masquerading as a war veteran and to be a lawyer. Law the world over is governed by its rules and regulations that does not accept any form of discrimination of whatever form as protected by Section 56 of our national constitution.

The same daft Victor Matemadanda was defended by one of the outstanding human rights lawyers in Beatrice Mtetwa when he was arrested by the Law and Order at the Harare Magistrates Court attending the case of one of his colleagues Douglas Mahiya.

Myself and Beatrice Mtetwa had to run up and down at Rotten Row Magistrates Court looking for him after he was whisked away by State Security Agents from Law and Order and the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO). It is an act which I am regretting up to this present day.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the people of Zimbabwe to forgive me for the act of misguided benevolence I did on the day in question. We were supposed to leave him at the mercy of Robert Mugabe’s menacing agents.

So for this fool to quickly forget how the same lawyers came to his rescue yesterday because of the plastic and false power in possession, and try to regulate the conduct of professionals on the job which he has no idea about is going too far.

Carrying a big empty head is not a sign of cleverness. Douglas Mahiya was being represented by my own nephew and I never persuaded him to dump him.

When I met him at my real blood nephew’s office in Central Harare he was ranting about the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights not treating his case as a human rights issue.

He looked desperate and rambled for hours calling upon lawyers to defend him and asked me to stand with him during his time of trials and tribulations.

Today, because they think they are safe, they can waffle whatever comes across their empty heads. We were wrong to rescue you Victor Matemadanda, a masquerade during your time of your incarceration by Mugabe. Victor Matemadanda is a caricature and idiot who no single Zimbabwean takes seriously.

For your own information, the blood that flows in my veins is the same with the one flowing in my uncle Walter Mzembi. His life is mine. His trials and tribulations are mine. As a lawyer do you think I have got space to listen to your persecution of him disguised as fighting corruption.

My uncle survived poisoning of the colon which was administered on him by the Varakashi. You poisoned him and wanted to kill him. My Uncle has never committed a single act of abusing his authority at any material time when he was still the member of your rotten party which he is no longer.

He is happy in his present political station. He needs his peace and happiness rather than political harassment disguised as fighting corruption by clueless and empty vessels like this masquerade called Victor Matemadanda.

This is the only time I have spoken on my client-legal practitioner relationship with my uncle Walter Mzembi. Don’t harass me over my professional relationship with my uncle. You can go hang.

Job Wiwa Sikhala
MDC National Vice Chairman