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VIDEO: Thabitha Khumalo visits activist abducted by masked men carrying AK 47s

By Lionel Saungweme

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) National Chairman, Thabitha Khumalo on Friday visited Goodsen Phiri, who was abducted recently by suspected members of the Military Intelligence Department at his home in Bulawayo.

Phiri was abducted from his home after masked men, carrying AK 47s, pulled down the burglar bars. He was blindfolded and taken to some bushy area and quizzed over the White City bombing.

Phiri was also asked if he knew what was going to happen on Monday 19 August 2019.

When he answered saying, “kule demo (there is a demonstration), his masked abductors beat him badly. They put guns to his head and used logs to beat him up.

They poked his genitals with their rifles and threatened to kill him.

Phiri was ordered to leave the MDC and to stay clear of the MDC, which the abductors claimed orchestrated the violence that shook the country in January. 

“Siyana neMDC (Leave the MDC),” the abductors shouted after which they proceeded to whip his buttocks.

“Ndimi makapisa motokari yedu (You are the one who burnt our car) shouted the armed men before leaving hapless Phiri in the bush. The armed men used two white kombis, with tinted windows, and a truck to carry out the abductions. Nehanda Radio