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Woman accuses daughter-in-law of keeping crocodile liver

By Hazel Marimbiza

A Mpopoma woman is tired of her mother-in-law who constantly accuses her of witchcraft saying she keeps a crocodile liver which she will use to kill her.

Western Commonage Magistrate's Court in Bulawayo
Western Commonage Magistrate’s Court in Bulawayo

Ellen Katsvinde revealed this at the Western Commonage magistrate’s court where she sought a protection order against Tshaziwe Dube.

“I am applying for a protection order against my mother-in-law. She always accuses me of witchcraft and alleges that I am keeping a crocodile liver which I am going to use it to kill her,” said a teary Katsvinde.

Katsvinde also said since she got married she has never known peace as Dube was on a mission to destroy her marriage.

“She is tarnishing my image by going about telling everyone in church that I am a prostitute. If she sees me walking with anyone she hurls insults at me claiming that I am suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. She also sends audios to people saying that I am mentally ill.

“She threatens to beat me up. I no longer have friends because she is humiliating me. May the court please assist me to put an end to that,” said Katsvinde.

In her response Dube denied the allegations against her.

“I am not aware of anything she is saying,” said Dube.

Magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order.

The mother-in-law was ordered to refrain from threatening the daughter-in-law with violence.

She was also ordered to stop the emotional and verbal abuse and to stay away from where her daughter-in-law resides. B Metro