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Mama Sele eyes comeback

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Yesteryear dancer-cum-socialite Monica Chikasha affectionately known as “Mama Sele” said the death of her 14-year-old son affected her career in the arts industry, but is set for a comeback.

Monica Chikasha
Monica Chikasha

Her son died on February 2016 and she went into hibernation, although she said she was still in the game.

Chikasha, who is also former Miss Mafotofoto, also dismissed rumours that she had lost the weight which made her popular.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Chikasha laughed off the allegations that she was no longer relevant in the industry as there were new crop taking over from her.

“I agree I was quiet for some time because I was mourning my son and it affected me and my career so much.

“I am still ‘Mama Sele’ and as you can see, I still have the body which made me famous.

“I haven’t lost weight as some claim; in fact I am still struggling to lose weight.

“I weigh 136kg,” she revealed.

“I can confirm that I have quit modelling as I have ventured into other avenues.

“For now I have stopped dancing, but will be coming back soon to where it started.

“I have noticed some newcomers in the industry and I respect everyone’s talent.

“I don’t do things for competition, hence, everyone has his or her time to shine,” she added.

She said the newcomers should be strong in order to survive in the industry as there are haters who talk too much, trying to undermine your talent and a lot happens.

“Let’s dance to entertain our fans; each one should play their role in the industry. Musicians and dancers are one because we dance to their rhythm which makes it better.

“Be strong and avoid scandals and listening to people too much. Just do your thing,” she advised.

Amother of three, Chikasha said she still attends shows, though a lot has changed compared to her time.

“I have been attending shows lately, keeping a low profile, though.

The last show I attended was Sulumani Chimbetu’s, two weeks ago.

“I have also featured on some videos. I have noticed that the music industry has changed greatly and people nowadays no longer attend shows as compared to previous years.”

Asked who her role model was, Chikasha said it was the late Elizabeth Taderera affectionately known as Katarina.

“I loved Katarina and her combination with the late Safirio Madzikatire also known as Mukadota.

“It’s like me and the late Tongai Moyo in our time,” she said. Chikasha said she was now into emceeing at kitchen parties and weddings. The Herald