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‘Haters are a blessing to me’

By Trust Khos

Soul Jah Love says he enjoys being ridiculed and looked down upon since it brings about blessings.

Never far from controversy: Soul Jah Love
Never far from controversy: Soul Jah Love

The Conquering Family boss says he has accepted his fate as someone who is looked down upon yet he is changing people’s lives through music.

He opened up ahead of his album launch slated for Harare gardens of August 9 at the Harare gardens.

Titled Zviri Pandiri Zvihombe, the album launch is set to attract hordes of chanters as Chibaba will be making his return ahead of the Heroes holidays.

His album, if well packaged, is set to usher merry-makers into the holiday mood as well as silencing doubting Thomases who have had already written off Chibaba.

Chipaz Promotions under the leadership of Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza are coordinating the album launch set to culminate into a Zim dancehall gala.

In an interview with H-Metro, Soul Jah Love said people were underrating him at their own peril.

“I’m quite aware of people who are looking down upon me and I will not lose sleep over them because the negative stuff they say about me brings blessings to me.

“By cursing me day and night, these people are actually blessing me and I won’t revenge or hit back at them because they seriously need help,” he said.

Asked why he chose Chipaz Promotions as partners when there are plenty of other promoters who have the means, Chibaba said:

“Chipaz is an all-weather friend, brother and father to say the least.

“He has been organising these album launches for a while and he has never put a foot wrong.

“We understand each other and I can’t afford to ditch him now for other fly by night promoters who are after cashing on artistes not considering their plight.”

Added Chibaba:

“Chipaz has been there for me even when I am down and up there with the stars.

“When I face a serious challenges be it a family problem or something else, he is the first person I call.

“At times he is the one who calls me from the blue even if there is no problem.

“We sometimes meet and just talk about life and considering his demanding schedule, it’s rare that I can meet a busy man like him to talk business like what we are doing.”

Contacted for comment, Chipaz said he was getting along with the majority of artistes and Jah Love is one of them.

“To be honest, I can safely say I get well along with 90 percent of these artistes and Soul Jah Love is no doubt one of them.

“When he approached us with intentions to launch his album, we did not think twice and we have been doing this for years.

“By the way, this is not the first time we are launching his album but we are simply carrying on from where we left the previous time.

“It appears he enjoys working with us and we will do our best to ensure the launch lives to expectations.”

Meanwhile, some of the top performers set to grace the event comprise Killer T, Silent Killer, Enzo Ishall, Jah Signal, Tocky Vybz, Lady Squanda, Shinsoman and Bazooka among others. H-Metro