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Artist brags over bedding models

By Bubelo Moyo

A Bulawayo-bred upcoming hip-pop artiste popularly known as Smash Kid has courted the ire of several local women models after he made allegations that he slept with them in a bid to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Smash Kid
Smash Kid

Bongani Moyo aka Smash Kid, has been labelled a fake playboy by the angry women, who said he was nothing but a desperate youngster striving to make a name for himself through a fake lifestyle on social media.

All this drama came after Moyo announced on social media that he was a player. As if that was not enough he explained the meaning of his name Smash Kid, saying that it was evidence of him smashing or rather sleeping with several local models.

B-Metro is in possession of WhatsApp chats presented by a source, Mpumelelo Khuphe, Shut up and Groove manager, in which Smash Kid claims that he slept with all the models which he had been posting on his Instagram wall.

“I have f****d all of them, and they know it, Ashanti, Roxxane, Luthando, Chelly and Chichi only to mention a few, we gang banged them, I (Smash Kid), Slim and Trex. Mina ngingu Smash Kid jeki, ama model wonke abuzwa kimi, lizabona,” brags Moyo.

B-Metro managed to get hold of one of the models, Miss Malaika upcoming pageant contestant Chelly Alexander who expressed anger at Moyo’s behaviour.

“All he is trying to do is to tarnish my image. We just met for a shoot, that’s all! We are not dating. Smash Kid is nothing and he’s way out of my league,” said Alexander.

Alexander is mostly frustrated about her tarnished reputation and is taking legal action against Moyo.

Smash Kid has denied these claims saying that Khuphe was jealous and trying to defame him through the media because he left Shut up and Groove to open his own label.

However, Khuphe revealed that Moyo was a problem and abusive to models under the label hence he was left with no option but to fire him.

“I’ve nothing against the lad, the lad was troublesome and that is exactly what he said on WhatsApp about the girls,” said Khuphe. B-Metro