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Fans salute Buffalo Souljah

South Africa based dancehall artiste, Buffalo Souljah, has been saluted by several fans for his strategic move that has seen him ‘beef’ with Ghana dancehall star, Shatta Wale.

Buffalo Souljah
Buffalo Souljah

The ‘beef’ has boosted Buffalo Souljah’s brand and has seen him being topic on various radio and press publications in Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The beef has been beneficial musically to the Rugare singer, who has been trending on social media for the past week over the diss with Ghanaian chanter.

Several Zimbabwean artistes also backed and supported Buffalo Souljah by releasing diss tracks directed to Shatta Wale and his camp.

Buffalo revealed that a number of promoters have been calling to organise a show on this ‘beef.’

“A number of promoters have been calling so we this show between me and Wale goes through but we have not agreed on anything yet,” said Buffalo Souljah.

He added:

“I thank fellow Zimbabweans and fans across the African continent for their support has been overwhelming and just to people that this is musical and not personal.

“It’s part of the music ting and that’s what it is.”

Music critics like Plot Mhako and Alfred Munhenga also weighed in on the issue saluting Buffalo for the strategic move.

Alfred Munhenga

Mfana wepaMufakose avatemesa musoro. Big up Buffalo.

Tomira newe, national radio yeGhana yaChema newe. Usadherere ZimbaYute rokurongera

Plot Mhako

Buffalo Souljah is street wise! His strategy is legendary. H -Metro