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Pfumbidzai: We didn’t play our part

By Snodia Mikiri

Warriors left back Ronald Pfumbidzai says they did not play their part as players in their embarrassing Afcon campaign which ended last Sunday.

Ronald Pfumbidzai

The Zimbabwe national team arrived back home yesterday after failing to proceed to the knockout stage.

Pfumbidzai believes they should have done better.

“We had expectations but things did not go as planned but it was quite an experience. We drew a lot of lessons.

“We did not play well on our part as players. We didn’t really rise up to the occasion.

“ZIFA did also not play their part right on the administration side. It was another setback,” said Pfumbidzai.

There were numerous occasions when the Warriors boycotted training and threatened not to fulfill their opening match over unpaid allowances.

Pfumbidzai said he is not pleased with what transpired in Egypt saying they did not represent the country well.

“While going forward my advice is about planning. We have to plan for our next outing, we have to be prepared.

“Especially in the monetary issues. So that as players we only have to focus about getting the job done on the pitch.

“Our main concern should be about delivering not witnessing what happened this year again,” he added.

He said failing to progress to the next stage of the tournament was the worst news for him as they had hopes to do better.

It was Pfumbidzai first time playing at AFCON and he had wanted his debut appearance to be memorable and fruitful. H-Metro