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I’ve moved on, says ditched singer Muridzo

By Nyore Madzianike

AFRO-JAZZ musician, Andy Muridzo, who was ditched by nine members of his Jeetaz Band following a misunderstandings over job contracts, believes the glitch gave him another chance to put his house in order.

Andy Muridzo

“It is now water under the bridge,” he told Herald Arts in an interview.

“I have since moved on and managed to build a stronger band which is currently working on a new project. I know there are people who want to continue talking about that but I have since moved on.

“It was one of the things that people always face, but it worked to my advantage.”

Born Andrew Kudzai Ngwenya, Muridzo, was ditched by his band members after a fallout over pay.

But the “Dherira” singer believes the fallout has given him some useful experiences.

“The differences we had, has actually given me some useful experiences about managing a band,” Muridzo said.

He said his forthcoming project would be ready by mid August.

Band members who left Muridzo were now reported to have formed their own outfit which was now performing as curtain raisers at Progress Chipfumo’s shows.

They are yet to be build a name for themselves. The Herald