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‘He owes me crèche fees’

By Georgina Takavadini

A Harare woman has appeared in court claiming $80 arrears in crèche fees from her neighbour.

File picture of Harare Civil Courts
File picture of Harare Civil Courts

Engeline Alsam took Daniel Kabanga to Harare Civil Court demanding the money which he failed to pay.

She told the court that Kabanga’s son was now in grade five but he had not yet paid the fees.

“His son is now in grade five but crèche fee is still outstanding.

“Neighbours were entitled to pay US$10 but the actual fees was US$20 during that time.

“The child only attended from January to August 2011,” said Alsam.

She also stated that Kabanga brought his daughter to the crèche besides failing to pay arrears for his son.

“He promised to pay me the outstanding amount since he was going to work,” she added.

Kabanga disputed the claims saying that he was not the one staying with the child and he did not go there looking for the place for the child.

“My son was staying with my mother and the two agreed for the child to attend crèche since she was luring customers,” added Kabanga.

Presiding over the case, magistrate Tafadzwa Miti ordered Kabanga to bring his mother to court today. H-Metro