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‘Muparutsa discovered my talent’

By Edwin Nhukarume

South Africa based controversial rapper, Maskiri – real name Alishias Musimbe – says he was discovered by the late music producer, Fortune Muparutsa.


The 39-year-old rapper revealed that initially he wanted to be a rhythm in blues (r&b) singer before he was influenced to become a rapper.

Maskiri said Muparutsa discovered that he was talented in composing lyrics and rapping.

“Since I was a child I knew that one day I will be a musician because I knew the channel in the music industry.

“I started going to the studio while I was very young. I used to go to Muparutsa’s studio.

“R&B music was my favourite genre and I used to admire artistes like Joe Thomas, Usher, Candy Rain and others.

“But Muparutsa advised me that I am good at writing and rapping. That is why I decided to go for rap music,” said Maskiri.

Despite all the controversy and the dirty lyrics he was known for in the past, Maskiri said his parents were very supportive of his music.

“My parents are good people. They gave me tremendous support in the beginning of my music career.

“When I started going to the studio, Muparutsa used to charge high prices for studio time but my mother assisted me with the money for recording my first demos since she realised that I had a passion for music.

“Even my father supported me and my music. He knows ndiri bho munhu manje and its entertainment,” he told H-Metro.

Maskiri said he is currently doing full time music in South Africa and he will not reveal what projects he is working on at the moment.

“I do not want to say much about the upcoming projects that I am working on. I will talk when it’s done,

“Very soon there will be something. I am working on new productions.

“Pane maalbum horror chaiwo akatopfura anaBlue Movie with a lot of quality,” he said.

Last year he released an album titled Serious Business and he said the album did not perform well though there were some few tracks that were well received by his fan base.

He also said he will not retire anytime soon.

“Serious Business album was not that really well received to my expectations as it seems people were focusing on some other stuff.

“But there were some other two or three singles that were well received by my fans.

“Now I am working on something commercial. I will be reverting to my old style like the content I used to present in the albums like Muviri Wese and Blue Movie.

“And I am not retiring. I still have a lot to do in terms of music. Inini ndini munhu akatopikira music kusvika kumapena chaiko,” said Maskiri.

The rapper was well-known for releasing controversial music during the peak of his career.

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Maskiri said people viewed him as controversial because he had chosen to be different.

“Yes there was controversy because as Maskiri I had to do something different.

“I had to write something unique and not to sound the same with the other artistes.

“Coming with a different angle in telling stories through music was one of my aim.

“That is why people ended up saying that I am controversial,” he said.

The rapper revealed that there are some challenges in the music industry.

“I remember the days when we were called for shows and promoters fail to pay us our money.

“It was a boring experience.

“There are also times when you release a song and expecting it to do well but then you find out that people are not enjoying it.

“However, that will not deter us. We will keep on working and we do not stop,” said Maskiri.

Maskiri is aiming to go international.

“I want to put our music on another level that we get recognised internationally.

“Africa should know there are guys like Maskiri and even USA should know there are great artistes like us.

“But the aim is to make our own Zimbabwean music to be appreciated outside. We should not be known outside singing like an American but in our own Zimbabwean way and language,” he said.

Maskiri said internationally he admires the American artiste and producer DJ Khaled while locally he appreciates the effort being put by local artistes.

“Our local musicians are good. Those who are at their peak at the moment I cannot discredit them.

“They are doing well.

“Internationally it’s now tricky but I like DJ Khaled. He is good at what he does.

“When he comes back after being quiet for sometime he comes back with bang.

“He knows how to commercialise music and he knows the type of artistes to work with,” Maskiri.

Maskiri refused to share about his love life and family.

“These days I have learnt that to talk about my love life and family is not something to tell the whole world.

“I no longer talk about it,” he said.

Maskiri’s album Blue Movie was once banned because of its explicit content and dirty lyrics.

He has also been involved in a lot of controversial issues in his music business and lifestyle.

He once jumped from the fourth floor after he was caught with someone’s wife and he was expelled at Chemhanza High School for bad behavior including bullying other students.

Maskiri has released several albums that include Muviri Wese Volume 1&2, Blue Movie, Tapinda Tapinda, New Look, Recovery and Serious Business. H-Metro