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Zifa charter flight to Cairo

By Grace Chingoma

ZIFA have chartered an Air Zimbabwe plane for its Nations Cup delegation which was expected to fly out last night to Cairo, Egypt.

Joseph Mamutse
Joseph Mamutse

The association’s chief executive, Joseph Mamutse, spent the greater part of yesterday running around so that the delegation could get to travel to Egypt ahead of tonight’s clash between Zimbabwe and the hosts Egypt.

The delegation of close to 100 people will be catered for by ZIFA in Egypt.
The travelling party was initially scheduled to fly out on Wednesday afternoon, but due to delays in securing tickets, they failed to get guarantees of connecting flights from Addis Ababa.

Most flights to Cairo are now fully booked with a significant increase on the airfares as well as people descending on Egypt for the biggest continental football showcase which roars into life tonight.

Sources said ZIFA weighed their options and saw that it was cheaper to hire a plane than engage commercial flights whose charges have now tripled.

A total of 40 councillors, about 40 supporters and 16 journalists are part of the delegation which was expected to leave Harare last night. ZIFA chief executive Mamutse told The Herald yesterday that he was seized with the matter. The Herald