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Woman threatens to stab hubby’s lover

By Gibson Mhaka

When Samukeliso Moyo from Bulawayo’s Luveve suburb found out that her husband was cheating on her, she plotted a “calculated attack” on his alleged mistress Nomalanga Moyo.

Samukeliso Moyo
Samukeliso Moyo

An attack that would apparently lead to a bloody murder when she threatened to frenziedly stab her with a knife.

Not knowing how to get herself out of the alleged cheating mess and also fearing that Samukeliso might live true to her threats, Nomalanga approached the civil court seeking a peace order against her.

“I do not want to see Samukeliso Moyo at my premises as she has been harassing me over suspicions that I am in love with her husband, which is totally untrue. She has been harassing me whenever I meet her.

“She threatened to come where I stay to destroy windowpanes of the house. She also threatened to stab me with a knife saying she was capable of doing it. Her husband that she is accusing me of having an affair with is close to my aunt and sister.

“They grew up together. It is my prayer that she should be barred from threatening me and coming to where I stay,” begged Nomalanga.

In response Samukeliso refuted her rival’s submissions saying she was convinced that Nomalanga was in love with her husband.

“She is lying that there is nothing going on between her and my husband. She is actually in love with my husband.

“She once called him at around 10pm and when I confronted her she bragged to me saying my husband works with the public and can be called at any time.

“The other day I confronted her and threatened to beat her up after I found her car parked behind my husband’s,” furiously responded Samukeliso.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga, in a bid to maintain peace between the two parties, ordered Samukeliso not to verbally and emotionally abuse Nomalanga or threaten her in any way. B-Metro