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Asaph on fake hip-hop stars’ lifestyles

By Keith Mlauzi

Once heralded for being addicted to hot ladies, Mambo hit-maker Asaph says he is not a fan of sexy ladies for his music videos.

Tafadzwa Asaph Tarukwana (Picture by Romeo B Photography)
Tafadzwa Asaph Tarukwana (Picture by Romeo B Photography)

Asaph says many hip-hop artistes produce costly videos showcasing something that they do not have yet depicting a fake lifestyle.

“Rappers showcase what they do not have in life, some of those who have a lot of women in their videos do not have them.

“They don’t have the ladies in real life but I do,” bragged Asaph.

The rapper said he would not give in to pressure that comes from people asking him to feature models in his videos because he does not want to portray a fake lifestyle to his fans.

“I do not want to portray a fake lifestyle to my fans, so I see no reason why I should have sexy women in my videos if I cannot afford them,” he added.

Giving reference to his freshly- dropped Extended Playlist (EP) the people’s rapper, said he was all about the people and he was obliged to be real to his people.

“As my EP states I am a rapper who is all about the people and this means I must be loyal and real to my people all the time,” he explained.

Asaph, who recently dropped the Vibe is correct video, says he will be working on more visuals this year and maybe on one video he might consider having models featured but that’s not one of his priorities now.

“In the course of the year I will be working on a lot of videos, if I really think about it I might hire some models to feature in one of my videos,” said Asaph.

It is important for one to note that models featured in music videos do not belong to artistes but to agents and they do not come cheap hence it is very difficult for struggling artistes to hire such highly-prized hotties to feature in low-cost videos. B-Metro