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King 98 unveils new video

By Talent Gore

South Africa-based hip-hop artiste King 98 (real name Ngonidzashe Dondo) has released a video for the song “Wacko” off his debut album which features South African rapper Nasty C and Mozambican Laylizzy.

Kinga 98 (left) with South African hip-hop artist Nasty C
Kinga 98 (left) with South African hip-hop artist Nasty C

The video was released on Youtube and is expected to première on global television channels like Channel O, Trace Africa, and on local television station ZBCTV, among others. The video contains interesting scenes shot in Mbare, Harare, and in South Africa.

King 98 said collaborations have given impetus to his rising career.

“Collaborations have provided breakthrough opportunities for me, they act as a key to my career,” he said. “I believe in the power of collaborations, hence my decision to rope in top guys on the continent on my debut album Francesca.

“Collaborations are one of the biggest creative forces driving music today so who am I to say no? My dream collaboration would be with Winky D and it’s something that I aspire to do this year. Winky D is humble and is someone who I can learn a lot from.”

Last year, the “Defeat” singer travelled to Canada, where he shared the stage with Winky D and DJ Silence Dosh at the Impala Car Rental Africa-Canada Summer Festival in Toronto.

“I had a brief interaction with Winky D and I found out that he is someone who does not blow his own trumpet, but a brother who is willing to assist. I think I can do a collaboration with him,” he said.

The rapper said he will be travelling to Nigeria next week to record a single with Nigerian rapper Zlatan.

However, it is the video of the track “Wacko” that was released on Friday that has caused a sensation.

“Working with Nasty C, Davido and Ex-Q opened up a whole new world of sounds, styles and opportunities for me.

“Featuring these brothers in my work has also allowed me to pool fan bases from these artistes’ respective countries,” he said

Ex-Q is featured on the track “Shoko” and the duo is working on a video that is coming out soon.

“We shot part of the video in South Africa and in Zimbabwe with Ex-Q and it is coming out soon. In the meantime, we are giving time to the video ‘Wacko’ which I believe is a masterpiece,” King 98 said.

King 98 refuted claims that he was riding on his father’s “purse” that has seen him writing a fairytale on the music scene in a short space of time.

“Every father has the right to support their child, but in my case my father is riding on my talent. He saw the talent that I have and decided to support,” he said.

“People have a perception that I can’t do music, it’s unfair on my part because they use my background to discredit me.” The Herald