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Get tested for HIV: Mai Titi

By Esther Madambi

POPULAR comedienne Felistas “Mai Titi” Edwards has urged people to get tested for HIV or use protection before they engage in sexual activities.

Comedian Mai Titi
Comedian Mai Titi

This came after someone had mocked her saying they will make love all-night long when the virus is ‘asleep’ and she then started educating her followers on how the virus works.

“So I was going through my inbox since I cannot sleep and came across this message from a guy who want to propose love to me.

“This fine gentleman said he will marry me and does not care about the status because someone told him that the virus sleeps at night so that’s the best time to be intimate.

“At first, I laughed my lungs out then later on felt sad that a whole gentleman like this has got no knowledge what so ever about HIV.

“This is how people get infected because they lack knowledge.

“Some people are told that if you want it to disappear you have to have intercourse with a virgin, a young girl,” said Mai Titi.

She added: “All these are just myths, it’s not true, just get tested before you do anything or use protection.

“If you bare cheating please use protection to protect your spouse please.

“If you are infected please just be honest with each other and let the person you are with decide for themselves.

“These days you can never tell who has it and does not, because people are taking care of themselves very well.” H Metro