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BaShupi rebrands

By Esther Madambi

Musician Peace Ndhlovu, popularly known as Ba Shupi, is set to release a new album as part of his rebranding mission.

Ba Shupi
Ba Shupi

The Bhero singer has also changed his stage name from BaShupi to Kokona, which means limitless.

The new developments comes after a three-year hiatus which saw him keeping a low profile.

“I am set to release a new album by the end of this month if all goes well.

“This album is part of the rebranding exercise I have started to work on.

“It’s now Ba Shupi aka Kokona and Kokona means limitless,” he said.

He added:

“The album is called My Lyfe and it talks about my life from where I started to where I am today, what I have gone through.

“The nine tracks are Mashoko, Mari, Prayer, Kurauzvione, Mai, Panonoka, MaBlesser, Shaina and Naka.

“There are two collaborations, the other one with Edith Weutonga and the other one is a surprise.

“This album has a lot of vibe from different genres afro pop, jazz, rhumba and hip hop, it’s for everyone, one thing to look forward to.

“I am releasing this album fully packed with all the nine tracks having accompanying videos; I have been working on it all this while.” H-Metro