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Chipanga loses hope in music

By Nyore Madzianike

Hosiah Chipanga has lost hope in music. Despite having a career that spans four decades, the singer says the future of his art is now bleak.

Hosiah Chipanga
Hosiah Chipanga

His band has disbanded and he has relocated to his rural home in Watsomba where he is trying to make a living from farming.

In an interview yesterday, Chipanga revealed that his dream of pursuing music professionally throughout his life has been shattered.

He said his band totally collapsed, with some of his band members now surviving on menial jobs.

The “Kwachu-Kwachu” hitmaker said it was now difficult for him to catch the eyes of music promoters, let alone to attract followers.

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Chipanga, whose band was initially called “The Broadway Sounds” before changing its name to “Vaparidzi Veshoko” sometime in 2007, said he has decided to concentrate on farming.

The outspoken musician expressed hope that his farming venture would afford him enough to, one day, rejuvenate his band.

“All is not well my brother,” said Chipanga. “It is now difficult to say we still have a band as it is no longer sustainable. I am left with one or two loyal members who I usually call whenever someone with his money call for our services.

“Most of my band members are now pursuing other things to sustain their families as music was no longer paying us. We are all surviving on doing menial jobs and it was the only way we realised we can sustain lives because we no longer regularly get shows. I am now farming in Watsomba where I can afford to take some to maize GMB (Grain Marketing Board) and get paid,” he said.

Chipanga said his situation was aggravated by lack of any other professional qualification that would allow him to diversify to other fields.

He said lack of academic qualifications also affected his vision of pursuing a political career as no one took him seriously with people beginning to doubt his faculties.

Chipanga said he established a church — Messiah Apostolic Prophetically Inspired People’s Institution Church (MAPIPI) — with intentions of proving his innocence and convincing believers that he was a serious man with a vision.

“After realising that people were taking me as a mad person, I formed a church to try and convince them and the leadership that there was a section of people that needed to be led and guided. It was unfortunate that the vision was not backed by academic history on my part otherwise if I was a headmaster people would have followed me,” he said. The Herald