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‘I’m portraying mother’s love’

By Taonga Nyemba

Vimbai Zimuto says there is nothing amiss on her nude picture with a naked baby.

Vimbai Zimuto
Vimbai Zimuto

The Netherlands based diva said the baby was her make up artist’s child and she took a picture just to show the mother’s love within her.

“I took the picture to show the mother’s love from within, mwana anotonzwa ne mabatirwo aakaitwa kuti mai vanondida.

“Amai vanogona kuudza mwana asi feeling yavo ndiyo inonzwikwa nemwama,”said Vimbai.

The diva, who is also a mother of two daughters, said she wanted to impart the feelings she felt when she had her first baby.

“I just wanted to express the feeling I felt when I held my baby for the first time which is definitely not the one you see in the picture.

“I was angry and bitter but you will see it in other pictures with the baby.

“I was very angry when I got mine because I was young but I had love. I was full of fear until someone said to me Happy Mother’s Day,” she said.

Vimbai said there will be a whole lot more pictures which express her life experiences coming. H Metro