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I don’t take drugs: Kuda Mutsvene

getting married this year

GOSPEL musician Kudakwashe Mutsvene is one of the finest artistes in his genre with both talent and age on his side.

Gospel musician Kudakwashe Mutsvene
Gospel musician Kudakwashe Mutsvene

Born and raised in a Christian family, the 26-year-old’s career has been dogged by allegations of drugs and bed-hopping.

H-Metro Entertainer reporter Esther Madambi (EM) contacted the singer who brought the matter to sleep as well as revealing some of his future plans.

He also cleared the air on his love life as well as life as a gospel artiste. Read on…

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EM: Give us your brief profile?

KM: My name is Kuda Mutsvene, I was born and bred in Harare.

I am 26 and I am a full time gospel artiste.

I started music at a very young age, born as the pastor’s kid I was part of the choir playing instruments.

Later, I started combing the two which was not hard to do, so music has been my life.

EM: Is it true that you take drugs and alcohol?

KM: Well these rumours have been spreading for quite a while now.

I have not been able to respond to them because I did not want to listen or show concern.

I did not want to divert my focus to something that does not add to value to God’s ministry.

I do not take drugs or alcohol because I follow the Holy Bible and honour God not because I am afraid people will talk.

As a gospel artiste, criticism is bound to happen and people will be expecting to respond in a wrong manner.

I always prove people wrong with my works and my service, my love for God’s ministry.

People will always critics gospel artists likening them with what people of their age are doing out there.

EM: How is life as a gospel artiste in Zimbabwe at the moment?

KM: Things are not really good at the moment, the situation is not that good.

At the moment I am surviving on my savings. I am not worried about tomorrow because God is the provider, He even told us not to worry about tomorrow for he knows what tomorrow hold. All we need is to be prepared to face whatever God has put in place for us and follow it as it is.

EM: Who is that artiste that you envy, and rate in Zimbabwe?

KM: Honestly, I envy Minister Michael Mahendere.

He is a man of God, he pushes the ministry forward each every time. He is a true minister, his music moves me and he is that one person. I really wish to be where he is.

EM: Who are your role models in the industry?

KM: My role model is Bishop Benjamin Dube from South Africa. When he came here he prayed for me, little did I know that it was impartation.

He is like my second dad, my mentor and I salute him.

EM: How is life as a pastor’s kid?

KM: It is not easy. I can’t really describe it but it’s something else.

You are born with responsibilities whether you like it or not. You have a lot of people to impress and a lot of rules to abide by. Our parents’ career became ours so we had to live like it.

EM: Speaking of impressing everyone, how did you manage to withstand your sister Mercy Mutsvene’s backlash?

KM: It’s something that affected us as a family, it was something huge.

However, we managed to get over it as a family, we did not all it to be permanent. We set it aside, forgot about the past and focused on the future.

EM: Do you parents interfere with your career?

KM: They are my parents, they don’t really interfere but they give me guidance and give me advice whenever necessary.

EM: How is your life, how do you manage it?

KM: Well my love life is sparkling, getting married this year.

I am not going to tell you her name but please attend the live DVD launch and I promise you, you will see.

With this career you need someone next you and yes it is true behind every successful man there is a woman behind. This will get you least you get lost. H Metro