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Women fondled during stampede

By Tariroyashe Goredema

While being affordable for all Harare based citizens, women and children are now being disadvantaged when it comes to boarding especially during peak hours.

The slashing of ZUPCO bus fares has caused havoc at bus termini as all people are now opting for the busses causing chaos on boarding.

Speaking to H-Metro a Harare based citizen identified as Chipo Gwasira said the situation was unbearable,

“Yesterday there was pressure at the bus, I was trying to enter the bus and ended up being fondled on my private parts but never saw the person who did it.

“As women we do not have to be victims of bus pressure but we do not have control over it since the bus is the only affordable means of transportation because kombis are now expensive,” she said.

Travel time negatively affects pupils going to and from school.

Children are now prone to getting injured as they tend to be more vulnerable.

Students who use public transport in Harare are facing many problems including conflict with conductors and passengers.

Another Harare based citizen said the conductors are not willing to allow students to board the buses because of the little amount of bus fare they pay.

“Children are now in danger as some of them end up getting home late because of transport chaos, yesterday I saw some child in school uniform trying to force himself into the bus but ended up being pushed away by the conductor.

“The government should allocate buses only meant for children in school uniforms for the safety of our children,” he said. H-metro