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Ivy Kombo’s message to cyclone survivors

By Godwin Muzari

After spending 12 years in the United Kingdom, Ivy Kombo would have wanted to return home to meet jubilant fans and a happy nation.

Ivy Kombo
Ivy Kombo

Sadly, her return coincided with one of the worst natural disasters in the country.

The singer arrived in Harare in March, barely a week after Cyclone Idai had ravaged parts of Manicaland, killing hundreds of people and leaving a trail of destruction.

Ivy came back home to a mourning nation and she found herself in the centre of grief and bereavement.

Fellow artistes were busy organising shows to fundraise for survivors while others were leading charity campaigns for affected people.

Because of a busy schedule, Ivy could not join them but she expressed concern in media interviews.

She briefly returned to the UK and came back to record her new album “Like Mount Zion”. It is on this album that Ivy dedicates a song to the victims and survivors of Cyclone Idai.

The album was released last week and the singer has already done a video for the song on Cyclone Idai, which is titled “Ndiani Anorwadziwa”.

The video shows touching scenes of the destruction that the cyclone caused. It shows people in anguish of losing their beloved ones.

It also shows various well-wishers on rescue missions and villagers combing through massive debris in search of human remains.

“Ndiani Anorwadziwa” video shows heartbreaking scenes, but Ivy’s message is full of hope and assurance.

Her lyrics speak to people that lost their relatives, survivors that went through traumatic experiences and many others that lost properties in the cyclone.

She encourages everyone to look up to God who heals, comforts and cares for His people in unbearable situations.

She tells survivors that the Holy Spirit is with them in their time of mourning and distress.

Her assurance is that God will heal hearts and take His people to a new level where light chases away darkness.

Speaking about the video, Ivy said she is working with some organisations to fundraise for relief and proceeds from the song will all go towards that cause.

“All financial benefits from the video will go towards relief for survivors. We will be working with some organisations to mobilise donations from various sectors. We have dedicated the upcoming

“Nguva Yakwana Concert to that cause and we will encourage all musicians that will be part of the concert to play a part in helping our friends and relatives that were affected by the disaster,” said Ivy.

One of Nguva Yakwana partners Reliable Steelers have promised to assist the organisers in putting up the concert and availing donations to Cyclone Idai survivors.

Harrison Marange of Reliable Steelers said their other company Enhanced Mortgaging and Housing has already donated to the cyclone’s survivors and their partnership with Nguva Yakwana will take the charity drive to another level.

“We are happy to have a partnership with Nguva Yakwana. We are working together towards the concert. Our company Real Steelers is sponsoring the event and programmes around it. We will be part of the charity drive that Ivy Kombo has started through her video on Cyclone Idai.

“Our sister company Enhanced Mortgaging and Housing recently donated to the survivors of the cyclone in a separate engagement and we are prepared to continue working on this charity drive in partnership with Nguva Yakwana,” said Marange.

Nguva Yakwana music concert makes a return this year after many years in hibernation and various local and regional musicians are expected to take part at the event. The Herald