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I don’t sing for free: Mahendere

By Esther Madambi

Popular gospel artiste Minister Mahendere has revealed his other side. During the Worship Summit, Minister Mahendere revealed that he does not sing for free even at free concerts.

Minister Michael Mahendere
Minister Michael Mahendere

“I do not sing for free no matter what. Yes my voice is a gift from God but I don’t sing for free.

“This was a free concert but that does not mean I am also for free?” he asked

Added Mahendere:

“If you pay to get Beyoncé’s music why not pay for gospel music?

“To me music is a career and that is how I earn a living, and if I do not earn anything it means I am going to perish.

“People should understand that whatever you do in your life, your job, you know how to do it because it is a gift and I’m sure you all want to get paid for that.” H-Metro