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Bindura Hospital Urgent Appeal: Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe

This is an urgent appeal to anyone who can assist Bindura hospital to step up, as the hospital is facing an emergency crisis.

Bindura Hospital
Bindura Hospital

They have been adversely affected with load shedding and most of their life saving equipment works with electricity.

As a result, the situation at Bindura hospital is now unbearable and untenable, unless there is an immediate intervention.

The Hospital can’t do any operations at all due to the non availability of electric power.

Their life support systems in their neonatal ward for pre-term babies is dependent upon electric power which is not there.

Electric generators which are their only power back up source have run out of diesel.

This weekend they pleaded with the local Puma service station to be allowed to buy diesel for their generators, unfortunately they were told by the service station that the only diesel available was for local farmers.

As you read this urgent appeal, everything at Bindura hospital is down, and yet they are the provincial hospital that is meant to save lives for the whole of Mashonaland Central.

Lives are being lost needlessly and yet with an immediate intervention, some of these lives can be saved.

I know that there are people reading this note who can do something, I know that there are citizens from Mashonaland Central who are in positions of authority who can help.

Your intervention will save another family from going to the cemetery!

Please HELP, and please circulate in your WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms!

The hospital has money, all they want is diesel to avoid more unnecessary deaths.

Thank you

Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe.