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Ti Gonzi attack: New details emerge

By Nyasha Kada

There seems to be a new twist to popular rapper, Ti Gonzi’s attack story which occurred several weeks ago.

Ti Gonzi
Ti Gonzi

The Zvenyu singer, who made a massive come back to live shows with an electrifying performance last Saturday at Enzo Ishall’s 25th birthday celebrations held at the City Sports Centre, suspects his attack could be the work of some of his fellow rappers.

The rapper, who suffered memory loss because of head injuries sustained during the attack, revealed that he has fully restored his memory and now vividly remembers what happened on the night.

His incident can be put on list of violent issues that have happened in the rap game.

Popular rappers like Tupac, Biggie, 50 Cent and most recently Nipsey Hussel among others are victims of violence.

On the above named rappers, only 50 Cent is still alive, taking nine shots at close range but still surviving.

Though Ti Gonzi didn’t take nine bullets, he was severely injured and could have lost his life and like 50 Cent said, “I started to think that I must have a purpose in life” in his autobiography after surviving the shooting, Ti Gonzi also believes the same about his life.

H-Metro’s NYASHA KADA (NK) caught up with TI GONZI (TG) to go deeper on his issue.

NK: After this attack, what’s your view on life now?

TG: Life is a gift from God; we need to thank him every day when we are alive.

When one dies its God who permits, we should be prayerful and thankful and involve him in everything that we do.

NK: Do you feel like you are emerging into a 50 Cent kind of rapper after this attack?

TG: Not 50 Cent but Tupac, but yeah I believe it’s associated with the game of rap.

You never know the tragedy that happened to me might have been caused by a rapper or rappers because I have dominated the rap game for long especially on rap battles and performances.

NK: Did you have any serious ‘beef’ with any rapper(s) that you suspect could have caused this?

TG: I have ‘killed’ rappers’ careers through the freestyle battles.

Some rappers don’t really understand the art and I suspect some got emotional with it and hid their feelings.

One thing I know is, this was a planned thing from the way it happened.

NK: Do you have names you can reveal as suspects?

TG: I don’t but all I can say is, don’t trust anyone because you will never know.

I just want the police to do their work and investigate more since it’s very traceable.

This was a plan to take my life; that I know for sure.

NK: Did you inform the police about this?

TG: I think they are doing their job, I just have to let them do what they have to do.

I think it’s just wrong to act like I am really sure, all I know is that this was a planned attack to take my life and God saved me.

They came and asked when I was in hospital. I was in so much pain and confusion, I couldn’t think straight. I am just focusing on the last operation and after that I start doing this.

NK: Are you still suffering from memory loss, do you remember these culprits’ faces, are you still able to identify them today?

TG: Yes I do, the four of them I know their faces very much.

I no longer have memory loss not anymore. In fact I’m starting to recall many things that happened when I wasn’t aware.

NK: What words do you have to these four guys and people you suspect were behind this?

TG: My words to them are that life is a gift from God himself, he gives, he takes, not men.

If they get caught I want them to be punished because my wife could be a widow and my son would be fatherless.

If they don’t get caught I know God is alive and judgment shall still come.

NK: How has this attack changed your lifestyle?

TG: It has changed me in that I no longer like to move by myself or with one person especially late at night.

I now prefer to always move in a car that takes me home straight after I am done working.

I like to rest more and take prayers seriously now.

NK: Have you fully recovered to be holding shows on regular basis now?

TG: On doing shows yes, appearances yes, video shoots yes, tours yes but I am left with one serious operation where the skull in my womb is supposed to be placed back in the head I can’t stay like this forever so I think people who love me should join me in prayers and keep wishing me well.

NK: That recent performance at City Sports Centre was ‘electrifying’.

TG: Thank you; it was my first show after this whole incident.

I felt honoured really, to be at the City Sports Centre, performing for dancehall fans and in response they gave me a very warm reception.

Thank you to the people that came to City Sports for supporting Zimbabwean music above all, they didn’t care whether I represented hip hop or dancehall they appreciated music because its good music.

I urge all music fans regardless of the genre they like to always support music because it’s good music.

I thank Enzo, Fantan, Bazooker and Pumacol and the Chillspot Family for their support.

I thank God for giving me another chance.

NK: What new projects do you have that are coming up?

TG: I have my album “Hipu Hopu yekuGhetto” Volume Two on hold featuring fellow artistes like Roki, Trevor Dongo, Hilzy, Natasha Muz and other guys.

Just need to be back to normal to drop it.

I have also been featured by Jah Signal, Ngonie Kambarami and other guys on singles.

I have more videos coming up as well. I have been working really hard for my die-hard followers.

I will be releasing the video to my latest single Bazooker Enzo nemaPumacol this end of month.

NK: What do you mean when you say normal?

TG: When the skull is put back on to my head.

NK: When is this operation meant to be done?

TG: I am going for reviews every two weeks so the doctors will tell me when exactly we should do it, but yeah I am recovering they are saying I am recovering well.

NK: We thank God you are alive and pray for your full recovery.

TG: Thanks bro. H Metro