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Endorsement boost for Muridzo

By Prince Mushawevato

Andy Muridzo’s life, both on and off stage, seems tailor-made for the big screen. He has an action packed lifestyle. The “Tichambotenderera” singer has been in the limelight for about five years, but countless articles have already been written about him.

Andy Muridzo
Andy Muridzo

Actually, his coverage in the media now surpasses that of most musicians that have been in the industry for a much longer period. The gifted vocalist would certainly be a top contender if a showbiz newsmakers poll was to be conducted for the last two years.

Talk of his emotional break away from Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement (MTM), his nasty fallout with Mai Keketso (his first and former wife), the Beverly Sibanda affair and the car accident scandals.

However, the singer should consider himself lucky!

The “Dherira” hit-maker has in some instances extremely angered his fans, yet they still manage to forgive him after his public apologies.

It is argued there is no such thing as bad publicity, but some careers have suffered permanently after receiving such. Very few doubt that the Afro-fusion singer is one of the finest vocalists in the country. His talent is not only visible to fans but also appeals to potential sponsors.

Thus a combination of talent, loyal fan support and financial back-up has helped prevent a potential “Muridzo” extinction. As it stands, three companies to be made public in the coming weeks have signed endorsement deals with the singer.

Also, on the list are individual business players that wish to contribute in developing the musician’s brand. One such character is businessman and arts enthusiast Mufaro Marange, who helped in the production and distribution of Muridzo’s latest single “Boby”.

The song was launched at a Harare eatery/nightclub last week. “Andy is an extremely talented artiste. I have found his soothing voice and well-arranged instruments irresistible,” confessed Marange.

“But just like every other artiste, he is surrounded by all sorts of scandals and that is normal although he should always try to avoid controversy. I’m going to financially support his music career.

“He did not come to me for this, I looked for him. I don’t wish to get anything in return from the Jeetaz Band. I’m using my own little resources to support a deserving career so that it grows bigger.”

Muridzo is currently working on his fifth 11-track album “Shiri Yamambo”, which is due for release later in the year.

“‘Boby’ is a feel good song tackling general life issues. Consider it a stopgap measure for our fans. We are finalising our new album, set for release in August. I’m happy to say our plans are progressing well through sponsors like Rufaro (Marange) who have come to support us in every possibleway,” revealed Muridzo.

His previous albums include “Pakubuda Kwezuva”, “Ngarizhambe”, “Tichambotenderera” and “Munondo”. The Sunday Mail