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Seh Calaz explains weight gain

Seh Calaz says he does not owe anyone an explanation why he is gaining weight.

Seh Calaz
Seh Calaz

Born Tawanda Mumanyi, the Zim dancehall chanter told this publication his wife Moira Knight was taking good care of him that’s why he is picking up the weight.

“I am very comfortable with my weight and it’s just that my wife is taking good care of me.

“I am eating good food and also have a peace of mind.

“My father has a bigger body than mine and my late mother had a big body too so these are my genes.

“It’s not something which people should talk about because it’s just normal to me,” he said.

Asked if the weight will not affect his performances, he said:

“I am very fit and I will continue to be active like before the change of size.

“My wife is not complaining and fans are still enjoying so there is no problem with my body.

“I do exercise in the morning to make sure that I will be fit on stage.

“I am not overweight and I don’t know what’s overweight.”

According to Seh Calaz, he is weighing 83kgs.

“I am currently on 83 kgs and I have no problem with my body.

“I am active on whatever I am doing and it’s still manageable.”

Some school of thoughts suggest that Seh Calaz is taking supplements in order to gain weight.

“I am not even taking any supplement, they are taken by people who go to gym. I am not the only artiste who has gained weight anywhere body haisiri iyo inoimba but voice,” he said. H Metro