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Noxy speaks on who she is not dating

By Nyasha Kada

Popular radio personality and budding artiste, NOXY DEVINE DIVA, has finally cleared the air on who she is (not) dating.

Noxy Divine Diva (Picture by TNash Photography)
Noxy Divine Diva (Picture by TNash Photography)

She says she is not romantically involved with any of three music producers- Mr Kamera, DJ Tamuka or Simba Tagz that had been linked with her.

Born Nokhuthula Sithole, the wheel-spinner rubbished thoughts of being in some kind of triangle relationship with the three hit makers she has been spotted around with on several occasions.

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H-Metro’s NYASHA KADA (NK) caught up with her to discuss in-depth about the rumour and also find out who she dating if it’s not any of the three music producers.

NK: Who are you dating among the three?

Noxy: I am not dating any of them.

They are genuinely my friends; we have been friends for about three years.

I sometimes go to Reverb Studios for recording sessions and he shares the studio with Simba Tagz, so we became friends from then.

I met Tamuka through my little brother Victor Stot who is an artiste; they stayed together with Victor, Chiwedar and Tamuka for a long time so he is like family to me

I am also about to do something music wise with Tamuka.

Mr Kamera is very special to me

NK: Forgive me to say this but if you say it’s none of them, one is forced to think you are involved with them individually somehow.

Noxy: I respect myself and I would never do that.

I respect all three as they are dear to me and their friendships because all three are friends in their own spaces.

It is actually quite sad that we have to have such conversations.

I am in a relationship and so are the boys to amazing women, all happy and I treasure and value that.

I would love for people to understand and respect my friendships.

I am a well-cultured person and I was raised right, I would never do that.

NK: How special is Kamera? We saw pictures of you two in Johannesburg over the weekend?

Noxy: We are very close friends that’s all I can say.

NK: Why would people then suspect it’s any of the three?

Noxy: Because I have posted all three before on my social media.

NK: Do you only think that’s the only reason they suspect, you have been spotted hanging out as a couple with each one of them.

Noxy: Don’t those people go out with their friends, is there a problem with having friends of a different sex.

NK: Have you ever heard of friends that fall in love and don’t you think it will happen to you, if it hasn’t already.

Noxy: Yes I have heard of it and who better to fall in love with than your friend, they know you better but this isn’t the case here.

NK: So who is the lucky guy?

Noxy: There is someone, I am happy and it’s not someone in the entertainment industry.

NK: If you weren’t taken, who would you have dated among the three?

Noxy: None of them.

NK: Is he (boyfriend) comfortable to be around popular guys like these three?

Noxy: I am in an industry where I’m surrounded by popular people, when he asked me out he signed up for this.

NK: Would you also feel comfortable if he was also to hang around industry “hotties” and post them on social media?

Noxy: I don’t have insecurity issues.

NK: So you would never date someone in the entertainment industry?

Noxy: Never say never

NK: Final words

Noxy: I am great and I associate myself with greatness…I believe in being surrounded by people who work hard, build one another and are supportive hence this choice. H Metro