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Gumbura seeks relief at High Court

By Zvikomborero Parafini

Jailed pastor Robert Gumbura and his accomplices have decided to approach the High Court to have the dismissal of the application for discharge reviewed in the attempted jailbreak case.

Jailed pastor Robert Martin Gumbura during an inspection by the court
Jailed pastor Robert Martin Gumbura during an inspection by the court

The clergyman’s lawyer Lovemore Madhuku sought a postponement before Harare regional magistrate Francis Mapfumo who refused to discharge Gumbura and his six alleged accomplices saying the matter had to proceed to the defence case for the gang to explain the secret meeting they had had prior the attempted jailbreak.

“I have instructions to approach the High Court for a review which is this basis for the application for postponement as we intend to file the application this Friday and on Monday, we intend to seek an order staying these proceedings,” said Madhuku.

Representing the State, Micheal Reza opposed the application saying there was no order from the High Court ordering a stay of proceedings and proceedings will only be stopped when the High Court has said so.

Magistrate Mapfumo dismissed the application saying Madhuku had no legal basis to place the application before him.

“There is no justification for this application, no order barring the court from going ahead to the defence case, the defence should have made an urgent chamber application if they wanted proceedings to the court,” said Mapfumo.

Madhuku pleaded with court saying he needed more time to receive instructions from his clients prompting Magistrate Mapfumo to remand the matter to May 13. H-Metro