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David Coltart shreds High Court ruling

By Mandla Ndlovu

MDC Treasurer General aspirant David Coltart has dismissed the high court judgement as an empty thunder that is seriously laden with flaws.

Former Education and Sports Minister David Coltart
Former Education and Sports Minister David Coltart

The court ruled on Wednesday that MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is not the rightful leader of the MDC and his appointment as Vice President by the late Morgan Tsvangirai should be set aside.

Said Coltart, “I have just finished reading the High Court judgment against the MDC . I am profoundly shocked by the reasoning of the learned Judge.

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“The judgement is seriously flawed in numerous respects. The application should have been dismissed on several different grounds but wasn’t.

“This is what is called a brutum fulmen – empty thunder, an ineffective order. By the time the appeal is heard a duly constituted Congress of the MDC will have been held and Nelson Chamisa elected. Pathetic interference with the due process of a party.”

Colltart added that the court seemed to b captured by ZANU PF and were being used to fight Nelson Chamisa.

“Imagine if Mugabe or the G40 had gone to Court to argue that Mnangagwa had been illegally appointed President of ZANU PF in December 2017 after the violent ouster of Mugabe. It is hard to imagine any Zimbabwean Court being bold enough to rule as they have today against the MDC.

“The farcical nature of life in Zimbabwe. Next the High Court will be ruling that Nelson Chamisa is not a person. The regime truly fears him taking full and unfettered leadership of the MDC.”

Commenting on matter MDC Vice President Professor Welshman Ncube said the decision by the judge was inconsistent with a previous judgement on the same.

“Wonders never cease!! During Morgan Tsvangirai’s lifetime the High Court ruled that his appointment of 2 additional Vice Presidents was lawful and today the same High Court decides contrary to law, to revisit its own decision and makes a contrary ruling,” Said Ncube. Byo24 News