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Masocha spits venom

By Munashe Kusenwaenda

Shabane Mine coach Ikabort Masocha is worried about the side’s two defeats in a row following their 2-0 loss to ZPC Munyati.

Ikabort Masocha
Ikabort Masocha

Masocha told H-Metro that their continuous dip is now disappointing.

“It’s disappointing to lose the way we are losing.

“I wish I knew when we will win but I think if we quickly put our act together results will come,” he said.

Masocha said his boys are trying their best to play well but they are being pulled down by other factors.

“The game was like any other games we played before.

“Players are trying very hard to get a result but it is also important to note that there are factors that affect performance on the pitch.

“The club has to act fast for the team to perform well,” he added.

He also said the team’s failure will continue if the club executive does not address issues which also caused the team to lose last season.

“Failure to produce on the pitch comes from failure to plan.

“What did the club do to address last season’s causes for demotion,” he said.

He also added:

“We could have avoided this, but honestly leadership contributed more to this situation. Recruitment process was not the best, equipment was non-existent and still not addressed.

“Welfare for the team is not consistent, an executive to enable reporting structure is nonexistent or in shambles and remuneration for the team only God knows its structure.

“It’s difficult to produce a polished performance no matter what excuses we can bring up,” said Masocha. H-Metro