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‘I don’t want my child to live with a stepmother’

By Rumbidzai Rambanapasi

A Dzivarasekwa woman claims her ex-husband has been assaulting her over the custody of the child.

Tsitsi Matiza and ex-husband Kufakunesu Ndoro
Tsitsi Matiza and ex-husband Kufakunesu Ndoro

Tsitsi Matiza opened up at Harare Civil Court where she applied for a protection order against her ex-husband, Kufakunesu Ndoro whom she accused of violent behaviour.

“He comes to assault me at my workplace claiming that he is the one who should live with the child.

“He insults me in front of my customers because I am a hairdresser and I ended up losing them because of his behaviour.

“He is abusive as some other time he threatened to kill me over the child’s custody yet I don’t want my child to live with a stepmother whilst I am still alive,” she said.

Tsitsi wanted Kufakunesu to stop assaulting her.

“I want him to stop assaulting me in front of my clients.

“I want him to be barred from all forms of communication.”

In response, Kufakunesu denied the allegations and accused Tsitsi of lying to the court

“Your worship, don’t grant her that order because I never assaulted or threatened to kill her.

“She is lying and she applied for protection order because she wants to fix me so that I won’t be able to see the child.

“She insults me whenever I want to see my child yet I am taking good care of the child,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted the protection order in Tsitsi’s favour.

Kufakunesu was ordered not to threaten to kill her and not to physically abuse her. H-Metro